Frequencies. Visual Meditation

Everyone here, readers of these lines knows that Kassia Meador (Producer of this film) A longboard icon, with a passion for photography and film but is not enough Kassia has been traveling around the world for the past 12 years searching for waves and absorbing everything this expansive world has on offer.


She has looked a few unbeatable traveling companions. And it was worth. This is shown in its latest audiovisual project, an experimental documentary and visual essay by Muller shot at prime surfing destinations across Southern California.

Frequencies aims to explore how man can find synergy with nature’s cycles. “Their are so many different frequencies all around us at all times: ocean waves, sound waves, light waves, infrared and many others outside our range, but all have an effect on us,”explains professional surfer and passionate photographer Meador.

Bruce Muller (Director) grew up surfing in the coastal town of Cocoa Beach, Florida. As a child, in the long lulls between Atlantic swells, Bruce lost himself in the fantastical films of Ridley Scott and George Lucas and later discovering such greats as Akira Kurosawa and Andrei Tarkovsky.

His appreciation of motion pictures lead to an inevitable passion for the art of film making. First, cutting his Teeth with music videos for bands like Warpaint and The Washdown and now Muller’s synthesis of the arts of surfing and Film with Kassia Meador in Frequencies.

Sonny Miller (Cinematographer/Producer): a filmmaker specializing in the documentation of the water and the extremes. His experience with the action sports industry and major motion picture industry has taken him on location worldwide. Sonny’s has spanned over two decades of independent filmmaking founding his own production company. It also possesses a vast stock library of ocean images not to mention an array of wildlife, scenics, and various action sports including sailboarding, canoeing, motocross, skateboarding, snow boarding, and many others. Also within the company has been the creation of specialized water housings designed and manufactured for high end film and HD cameras.

His experience in the movie industry has blossomed with an innate ability to capture stunning action and drama. Foremost in his specialty of unique and captivating underwater images.

His variety of formats include S-8, S-16 mm, 35 mm & 3-D Film. While he does shoot in the newer HD formats there is still nothing like film.

Sonny’s most recent work was for an “Accenture”commercial That depicted a Surfing Elephant, features his work has appeared in are Steven King´s “1408”, James Bond “Die Another Day”, Universal Pictures release “Blue Crush”, Sony Pictures “Lords of Dogtown” and “In Gods Hands”.

Also occupying his annual schedule is creating stunning film Images for ROXY the woman’s surf brand. In the last year he traveled to Tahiti 3 times for ROXY filming the female side of the sport. His most commercial work on theatrical movies are “Of Men of Mavericks” and Eddie Vedders “Cant Keep” music video, TV comedy “Cougartown” and many others.




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