Frequencies. Visual Meditation

Everyone here, readers of these lines knows that Kassia Meador (Producer of this film) A longboard icon, with a passion for photography and film but is not enough Kassia has been traveling around the world for the past 12 years searching for waves and absorbing everything this expansive world has on offer.

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Good morning, Kassia.


Kassia Meador. Wetsuit designer, photography enthusiast and logger.

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Soul Surfer Review

Thirteen-year-old surfer girl Bethany Hamilton (AnnaSophia Robb) survived something most do not – a shark attack. That’s good fortune enough, but the teen’s drive and determination to succeed beyond all expectations in the sport she loved became a worldwide media phenomenon. Sigue leyendo “Soul Surfer Review”

London Surf / Film Festival

I found this today surfing on the net. Too late to come but London Surf / Film Festival,  13-15 October 2011, Riverside Studios. A three day celebration of the cream of contemporary surf culture showcasing international surfing’s hottest releases, award winning documentaries, independent features and UK Premieres alongside the best short film productions from Britain and Ireland’s leading surf filmmakers. The next year I´ll be there for sure. Amazing ambient and marvelous films.  Sigue leyendo “London Surf / Film Festival”

Aral. El mar perdido / Aral. The Lost Sea

Aral. The Lost Sea

A documentary film by Isabel Coixet

The drying up of the Aral Sea is one of the greatest environmental disasters in history. Between 1954 and 1960, the government of the former Soviet Union ordered the construction of a 500 km-long canal that would take a third of the water from the Amu Darya River for an immense area of irrigated land in order to grow cotton in the region. Sigue leyendo “Aral. El mar perdido / Aral. The Lost Sea”

Welcome Nate Tyler / RAEN Optics

A free surfer by choice, Nate is constantly on the go, but instead of the WQS grind, he’s filming and shooting photos to share on his blog. Click here and check the weblog by he and his pal.

That’s no cop out either, as this guy grew up dominating in the West Coast NSSA and VQS events and less than a year ago won the last VQS CHAMPS, but simply chooses not to surf in a competitive environment. Sigue leyendo “Welcome Nate Tyler / RAEN Optics”