Frequencies. Visual Meditation

Everyone here, readers of these lines knows that Kassia Meador (Producer of this film) A longboard icon, with a passion for photography and film but is not enough Kassia has been traveling around the world for the past 12 years searching for waves and absorbing everything this expansive world has on offer.

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Good morning, Kassia.


Kassia Meador. Wetsuit designer, photography enthusiast and logger.

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W is for Woodie


Whatever name you choose to use, vehicles with wood bodies possess style and character missing in today’s robotically built steel vehicles. Once, almost every conveyance was made of wood: boats, chariots, wagons, trains, even airplanes. The wood-sided wagons, convertibles, sedans and trucks seen here all wear the vestigial tails of their wooden predecessors.In their heyday, woodies were often the most expensive cars offered by a manufacturer and many tallied impressive sales figures. Sigue leyendo “W is for Woodie”

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Commercial

Me parece uno de los automóviles más atractivos de Volkswagen. Este ejemplar que se conserva perfectamente es del 1963 y rueda normalmente por las carreteras de los países bajos. Una pieza comercial amateur rescatada de Vimeo.